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The Parts And Conditions of A Valid..

While writing a will is not obligatory for Muslims under the Sharia, legal consultants advise that a proper will be written to get an individual’s business, assets, and affairs in order ahead of their


As An Expat Can I Own Real Estate i..

If you’re an expat, you can legally own a property in Dubai. Dubai has come a long way in regards to the laws governing real estate ownership, especially for foreign nationals residing in the UAE. In


An Easy Guide to Legal Requirements..

Starting a business in Dubai has never been easier. Dubai is one of the many cities in the world where business start ups, investments, and trade have always been encouraged, and this is one of the ma


The Basic Legalities of Insurance C..

Insurance claims are common submissions made on behalf of a person who is a policyholder at an insurance firm to the insurer who has provided the insurance. These claims are made when the policyholder


A Guide To Filing A Civil Case In D..

A civil case is filed by a person or organization that claims to have experienced injustice, namely the plaintiff, from another individual or entity (also known as the defendant) in terms of a duty or


How Private Sector Businesses Affec..

The COVID-19 breakout has led many businesses to slow down or completely stop their activities given the unstable times. This has led the management and business owners to receive irreversible losses